Personalisation is not principally about money or services, it is about enabling people to become active citizens through better choice and control over their lives.

But despite a growing recognition of the importance of taking a personalised and integrated approach to care planning and the existence of good practice in some local contexts, the experience of people accessing services varies significantly, the approach is still not widespread enough and barriers persist.

LCS consultants have been working for the last two years with adult social care departments to lead the cultural change needed to embed good practice and drive radical change to deliver choice and control for citizens.  We bring to the work a wealth of experience and expertise and examples of our work are shown below:

A recent commission from a Merseyside Borough to map existing services, information nodes, networks, and organisations which are  interested in offering brokerage services. A full report, gap analysis and recommendations for action will be competed by November 2009.

For a London borough between 2006-07 Mick Lowe took control of a failing £7m contract in Adult Services and turned it round to achieve its key objectives for personalisation working closely with staff, trade unions and the private contractor.

Between 2008-09 Paddy Davies coordinated the transformation of the in house Home Care Service for a London borough to an Assessment and Re-ablement service.  This involved recruitment, new process design, monitoring and evaluation design, training, communications etc.

In 2008 LCS consultant Phillida Miles developed a strategic approach to the commissioning of advocacy services for a London borough. This meant:

  • Reviewing evidence of need and existing service specifications and service delivery priorities and outcomes
  • Exploring future plans with existing commissioned providers and researching market options
  • Reporting with recommendations to the Health Partnership Group, Procurement Advisory Panel and Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Mick Lowe and Phillida Miles have also been working with a North West council since 2008 to help them develop their work to transform adult social care and personalisation. This has included producing:

  • A Vision and Values statement for Personalisation
  • A Communication Strategy
  • Three high level analytical reports on the implications of personalisation for Commissioning, Service Planning and Brokerage, and Working with Providers
  • Best practice research in developing Resource Allocation Systems
  • An analysis of the IBSEN report with recommendations for local action
  • A rationalisation of base line data for the £12m pooled budget for Adults with a Learning Disability
  • An sample audit of care management files