High level interim management

Why pay large agency fees that account for around 30% of costs when you can get good interim managers for far less by coming direct to LCS?  Most of our senior consultants work as interims.  We value it as an approach and as a way to ensure we stay in touch with contemporary challenges in the sectors in which we work.  It enables us to bring consultancy and project management experience to these interim roles but also enhances our skills and abilities in our consultancy assignments.

As interim managers we pride ourselves on being able to ‘hit the ground running’ and we are well able to assess local situations, bring our considerable experience of working in other settings to bear and very quickly make an impact on the organisation.

Some situations require more complex solutions needing a range of expertise and experience that only a team can provide. We can make up the right team of people for the situation your organisation or service is facing, bringing in the right skills as and when you need them.

Examples of the range of our interim experience includes LCS consultants acting in the following positions:

  • Chief Executive for a Borough Council
  • Director of Change for a County Council and a unitary authority
  • Director of Strategy for a national social care workforce regulator
  • Corporate lead for Value for Money for a London Borough
  • Head of Performance Management for a Merseyside PCT
  • Head of Quality, Performance and Review for a London Borough