Regulatory Services

LCS consultants can offer high level expertise in the development of Local Authority Regulatory Services (LARS).

Managing Director of LCS Ltd Mick Lowe was the Strategic Director with the Environment portfolio in Richmond until 1999 where he managed budgets in excess of £100m and staff groups of more than 1,000 and since then has continued to deliver significant consultancy projects for Regulatory Services through LCS.

LCS associate consultant John Lawrance is a qualified Trading Standards officer and has Chief Officer level management experience of all regulatory services in both county council and unitary authorities. As a consultant he has managed regulatory services modernisation projects on behalf of the governments of Lebanon, Poland and Slovenia, managed a Better Regulation project for the government of Malta and a Regulatory Impact Assessment project for the government of Turkey.

In the UK, John has carried out strategic management reviews of Environmental Health, Trading Standards, Licensing and other regulatory services, creating improvement plans and ensuring political and stakeholder endorsement.

As a team LCS has completed work with national implications about shared working for the national organisation, the Local Better Regulation Office. This involved:

  • Developing research around shared services/working
  • Producing national case study evidence of innovation, existing good and better practice
  • Evaluating output and outcome measures to judge the value for money delivered by shared services in regulatory services
  • Holding two workshops  with a national level expert group on what constitutes ‘good’ shared working in regulatory services

Our strategic national analysis and recommendations were submitted to LBRO in June 2009 and include four reports:

  • One for Lord Mandelson, the new Minister for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
  • Another for the Board of LBRO
  • An analysis of good practice material which LBRO will place on their website in due course
  • A summary report which can be found at: