LCS consultants each have specialist as well as wide ranging generic skills and we also have access to a number of highly qualified and experienced Associate consultants.¬† We are also partners of Rocket Software, the owner of CorVu – one of the world’s leading perfomenace management and business intelligent software packages already operating in over 45 UK local authorities, health, fire and RSL’s.

We have successfully completed or are currently engaged on work in the following areas:

Change Management

  • Developing and implementing organisational change strategies for a range of service areas
  • Service and efficiency reviews

Performance Management

  • Implementing one the the world’s leading performance management and business intelligent software packages in CorVu
  • Implementing performance management solutions
  • Developing peformance improvement strategies

Adult Social Care and Health

  • Working at a national and local level to support local authorities in the transformation of Adult Social Care
  • Reviewing and suditing safegaurding processes and procedures
  • Evaluating the effectiveness local authority safeguarding training
  • Reviewing advocacy services forusers of health services


  • Proactive¬† benchmarking and performance management of services including service redesign and change management
  • Service and efficiency reviews

Regulatory Services

  • Research and evaluation for a Non-Departmental Public Body on the potential benefits from lcoal authorities sharing reagulatory servic responsibilities


  • Conducting HR and other confidential investigations on behalf of public bodies and third sector organisatons

Community Safety and Substance Misuse

  • Restructure of a local authority community safety service and research into best practice

Culture and Leisure

  • Support to prepare for Audit Commission inspection

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