LCS consultants each have specialist as well as wide ranging generic skills and we also have access to a number of highly qualified and experienced Associate consultants.

We have successfully completed or are currently engaged on work in the following service areas:

Adult Social Care and Health

  • Working at a national and local level to support local authorities in the transformation of Social Care services
  • Training and Development
  • SARs and other service reviews
  • Reviewing and auditing safeguarding processes and procedures
  • Evaluating the effectiveness local authority safeguarding and other training
  • Service integration
  • Investigations

Change Management

  • Developing and implementing organisational change strategies
  • Service and efficiency reviews
  • Culture change

Performance Management

  • Implementing performance management solutions
  • Developing performance improvement strategies
  • Developing performance cultures


  • Reviewing organisational governance to ensure fit for purpose
  • Developing appropriate process and procedures to ensure effective governance


  • Proactive benchmarking and performance management of services including service redesign and change management
  • Service and efficiency reviews

Regulatory Services

  • Service integration
  • Research and evaluation
  • Effectiveness and efficiency reviews


  • Conducting HR and other confidential investigations on behalf of public bodies and third sector organisations
  • SARs and other social care investigations¬†


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