LCS Limited consultants have worked with a number of local authorities in the last ten years to help them deliver Environment service improvements.

Tasks range from intelligent analysis of performance data, independent service reviews with recommendations for improvements, restructuring Environment service departments and helping to deliver positive step change by project managing major developmental initiatives. For example:

We set up a benchmarking club in 1999 between eleven ‘similar’, yet new unitary authorities in Environmental Services.  Since then we have compared both national and local indicators of performance and regularly undertaken service reviews. Outcomes have been:

  • Positive comments about our partnership local authorities in Audit Commission inspection reports about the quality of benchmarking data and effective use of information to sustain real improvements
  • Our comparative data has been used by one authority to develop a 32 point action plan for Street Scene services
  • Cost per head comparative data we produce has been used by another authority in a major budget bid
  • Other data informed an authority’s Local Transport Plan and they are now one of the top performers in the country