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LCS consultants and our associates have worked in local authorities for many years across a wide range of services and management levels, from team leaders to heads of service, directors and acting chief executives. We bring to our work extensive consultancy and practical experience, as well as generic abilities as able communicators, facilitators, project managers and change agents. In recent years we have also worked with private and not-for-profit organisations who are supporting public sector organisations or contracted to them.

We can offer consultancy to develop new policy ideas and strategies, priorities or performance management and are equally able to provide interim senior management and leadership for rapid service improvement. We also have a strong track record in delivering challenging and innovative projects.

Much of our recent work has been to support whole organisational change in response to national priorities, poor service performance, the need to deliver efficiency savings or the changing needs of communities. It has taken a variety of forms, from developing the personalisation of adult social care with a number of local authorities and primary care trusts to evaluation and strategic planning.

Through all our work we are well able to demonstrate our collective ability to respond to a range of public sector needs and requirements, challenging and changing circumstances and deliver positive outcomes for communities and people who use local authority services.

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