Coordination of IT management information systems

Effective performance management drives performance improvement. It requires organisations have available accurate, robust and timely information with which to make decisions in an open and informed way, act on them, review the effectiveness of delivery and use the learning to drive continuous improvement.  It involves:

  • Agreeing a vision and priorities
  • Systematically deciding and communicating to staff, stakeholders and regulators what the priorities are to meet national, regional and local needs in partnership
  • Monitoring performance by setting up a system for assessing if targets, milestones and outcomes have been achieved
  • Taking effective and informed decisions about results and demonstrably acting upon them
  • Information reaching the right people at the right time
  • Learning informing service improvements

Since March 2009 we can now offer, using our partnership with Rocket Software, the use of CorVu, which enables us to provide organisational development and organisational support to ensure success in the implementation of new systems.  CorVu is relatively new to the public sector in the UK but now has 45 local authority customers plus a presence in health and the fire service.

Whilst many organisations see the implementation of a powerful piece of software simply as an electronic tool that can provide better data management, we see it as an opportunity to modernise the organisation and change organisational culture to one that is outcome focused with performance embedded deep in the fabric of the business.

Oldham Council have taken this approach and LCS are working with the authority to implement CorVu as one of many tools to implement change and improvement.

We have also just completed work to help a Berkshire local authority to easily and quickly capture data on recycling using CorVu. Our resulting report identified which wards needed encouragement to recycle and allowed the local authority to target these accordingly. This saved time and resources and improved value for money in their marketing and publicity.

Therefore, given the appropriate leadership, effective project management and a realism about implementation, Corvu can:

  • Provide a momentum for change
  • Modernise the organisation
  • Realise savings

And provide managers, directors and councillors with the evidence to make good decisions based on facts rather than judgement.

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