Change management

42-16586740Change is endemic in local and public authorities and the pressures come from all sides: globalisation, government initiatives, doing more with less, improving the quality of services. The pace of change is ever increasing and living with change and managing change is an essential skill for all managers.

Change is also difficult.

Local government’s challenge is to provide community leadership and improved services within controlled budgets. The context is fluid and customers expect greater choice. Demographic shifts create new customer needs and a changing workforce. Working in partnership brings both opportunities and challenges and authorities need to work together, and with their partners, to attract talent, as well as promote equality and diversity.

To do this they need the right people, working in the right way and in the right culture. Achieving this demands nothing less than a transformation in many authorities’ working practices as it involves a complex series of processes and organisational change.

In the public sector there is an industry around change that has the sad ring of ‘this is something I designed earlier’ with the roll out of a pre-designed approach that purports to meet the needs of all organisations irrespective of where they might be in terms of organisational preparedness, capacity and ability to sustain the change and improvement agenda.

LCS offer bespoke change management approaches built with the client and grounded in organisational reality.  We know the models but we believe that each organisation is different and unique therefore we will build your change programme to meet your needs.

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