Options appraisals and feasibility studies

An options appraisal is an opportunity for organisations and their stakeholders to consider different ways for services to be provided.

It is essential that an options appraisal is comprehensive and rigorous. It should assess whether each option can improve investment, modernise services, enhance organisational capacity, achieve efficiencies and outcomes for citizens and the community. For example:

The London Borough of Southwark commissioned LCS to look at options for the future of Camberwell Leisure Centre, a Victorian public baths in a poor state of repair.  Previous studies had identified the need for substantial improvements to bring it up to modern standards. Our work involved:

  • Research: profile of the area, analysis of usage, customer feedback and financial data, the potential customer base, case studies from other similar buildings
  • Consultation with partners and stakeholders
  • Review of and research into possible funding streams
  • Development of a design brief for architects

Between 2008-09 we conducted an appraisal for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets of their options for delivering effective and efficient Environmental Health and Environmental Control services.

And we have just (July 2009) delivered an options appraisal to assess CorVu as a corporate performance management tool for Oldham council and prepare a phased implementation plan detailing the core deliverables and key milestones.