June update

The review of Safeguarding training in Kirklees is now complete with a range of recommendations that should enable the council and the safeguarding board to improve its training and better target training resources to identified need.

The first phase of CorVu implementation in Oldham is nearing completion and this will provide the bedrock for the next 4 phases such that the council and all its partners in the LSP should be using a common performance management and performance reporting system and be able to make performance information readily available to the people of Oldham to scrutinise.  CorVu is Rocket Software’s leading business intelligence and performance management software that has significant potential as we enter a period of consolidation and mergers.  It can enable information to be extracted, synthesised and reported from any platform and thus avoids the need for expensive (and sometimes impossible) integration when organisations bring together different systems.  Maybe not able to generate the 25% cut in public sector expenditure but certainly a contribution!

We have also just finished work on a culture strategy and future planning for sports, leisure, arts, parks and libraries in a riparian London borough.  Aspirations are high to create a cultural hub in an area full of historic interest with a significant event in 2 years time.  Once again, the excitement of making things happen and improving the lives and livelihoods of all people in the borough has moved to fear, given the magnitude of the cuts imposed and the biggest spenders in local government being protected.  The prospects for other services is grim indeed and its easy to say ‘well, just another challenge for the sector to face’ but with the equivalent loss of near-on 90,000 jobs from the Home Office budget alone (and that’s police and border agency amongst many other significant services) the figures from local government must stretch far beyond.  As bad as it is, it’s not the loss of jobs that scares the sector, it’s the loss of resources to invest locally to improve the lives of ordinary ‘hard working’ people.