Performance and outcome management development

Performance management is concerned with the effective management of an organisation in order to achieve the intended outcomes. It is the process by which organisations set strategy and devise the governance, value, processes and controls to direct people and money to deliver strategic objectives in a cost effective way with due regard to risks and opportunities.

LCS specialises in working with organisations to develop effective performance management frameworks and has considerable consultant expertise and experience in delivery high quality systems and securing the buy-in from staff at all levels of local and public authorities. For example:

  • For a Local Strategic Partnership in 2009, LCS consultants designed and delivered a performance management framework by which the LSP could deliver timely and meaningful statutory and local monitoring information and evidence outcomes.
  • In 2008 we researched for a Merseyside council, different ways of measuring Adult Social Care outcomes and summarised best practice into recommendations for action.
  • As a result, better synergy was achieved, staff from different sectors were more aware of  each other’s operating opportunities and constraints and resources were shared.
  • Consultancy work with an East London Borough between 2006-07 led to LCS producing a value for money strategy for the council, designing new methods of evidencing value for money, training staff at all levels and identify where they could deliver better services and an increased star rating from the Audit Commission for the council’s Use of Resources annual assessment.