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Is social enterprise the answer to exclusion?

We have been working with a local authority recently to identify the gaps in their services and one gaping hole is in opportunities for those who fall out of the current eligibility criteria for support and work opportunities.

In many of our colleges of further education are people with learning disabilities who began college courses from special education as part of their transition from children to adult services.  But because of…

Effective Evaluation

We have recently been approached by an adult social care department about some work to evaluate the impact of their training on safeguarding investigations.

Sadly this is an unusual request.  Rarely is the impact of training and development evaluated, despite the large amount of time and money that is invested, year after year by every council in the land.  Donald Kirkpatrick’s model, developed in the late 1950’s is probably best known…

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We offer consultancy and interim management to local authorities, other public and not-for-profit organisations and providers of public services. We specialise in change management and performance improvement, provide organisational diagnostics and benchmarking and we specialise in adult social care and regulatory services – supporting authorities and social care providers facing unprecendented budget reductions and the challenges of health and social care integration.

We undertake international consultancy on public sector reform and…

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